We have Available Classes for you providing you the best Colorado concealed carry class, for the best price!


Why Choose Us?

We believe that you have the right to defend your home, family, and life. Concealed carry is the most effective means of personal protection. Our goal is to make you, your home, and your family safe! Our Colorado concealed carry classes serve as qualifying education for your Colorado concealed handgun permit.  The class will inspire you, and make you safer for the rest of your life! Read more…


Available Classes

You deserve the best education available for your Colorado concealed carry class.  In order to serve you, we keep an up-to-date list of classes that are available for you. Read more…


Got Questions? We Have Answers!

We love to hear from you and answer your questions!  We have answered all of the most frequently asked questions in one convenient location for you.  We are here to serve you and help make you safer.  Read more…

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